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Reload this PageAre you looking for a way to have an adjustable lumbar support in your Miata MX5?

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NC Mods - Cosmetic/Convenience/Safety Discussions of all non-performance mods to your NC, from body kits and roll bars, to seat covers and steering wheels.


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WinkAre you looking for a way to have an adjustable lumbar support in your Miata MX5?

Are you looking for a way to have an adjustable lumbar support in your Miata MX5?
It is actually very easy and inexpensive.
I have listed the source and prices for where I got my part below but there are many sources locally as well.
All you have to do is:

1. Move the seat forward all the way
2. Unhook the shoulder belt for the plastic chip
3. Tilt the seat back fully forward
4. Look along the bottom of the back of the seat upholstery you will see what looks like a seam running across the back from left to right. If you pull up at one end you will find that this is actual a plastic tongue and groove piece that you can separate.

5. Once you have the above T&G assembly open you will see a track that holds a zipper on each side of the seat back. Follow the zipper down and pull the zipper end pulls out where they are tucked into the seat plastics. Unzip each side fully and lay the center section open over the head rest. Now you can see inside the back of the seat.

6. Take the replacement blood pressure cuff you bought and slip it down between the two lower springs as shown in the pic with the fill hose on the bottom. ( I cut off the excess nylon cover on the side that did not inflate but you could just fold it over)


7. Attach a length of vacuum hose (available at any auto parts store) to the short hose on the blood pressure cuff. If you bought the one I suggested there is a metal connector included to splice the two hoses together.

8. Route the black air hose behind the seat plastics to a convent location along the seat side. Before you cut the hose be sure to leave spare hose in case you change your mind on the location.
9. Attach the hose pump/valve to the open end of the hose, tighten the thumb screw and test your blood pressure cuff to see if it holds air and if it is in the location you desire. Adjust to your preferences.



10. Reassemble the seat back in the reverse order.
11. Enjoy your custom lumbar support ;^)

Total cost is about $ 17.00 per seat, I always do both seats as sometimes I am the passenger.
I have done this mod in the last ten or so cars/trucks I have owned and it has always worked well. After three lower back surgeries I know what works for my back.

Sources on eBay:

NIBP Blood pressure cuff for adult $8.18 shipped


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