BMW E85/86 Z4 M Coupe : UUC EVO 3 Short Shifter Installation


The UUC shifter comes packaged with all the pieces needed to install their Evo 3 short shifter (and some parts you donít need that are crossed out in the pic below- the 6 speed transmission in the MZ4 and some other models has a dual pin mount at the front of the shifter carrier and these included parts not needed are for the single pin carriers):




NOTE: The following is provided for information only and any use of this information by you is at your own risk- the information here is designed to supplement the UUC supplied instructions so read those carefully before proceeding:



I also have some more detailed pics and different approaches that may supplement this information in my 335 write-up HERE , some similarities.



The first thing I did was to remove the shift knob, the shift boot, and the foam insert around the shifter. The OE shift knob can be removed by putting the car in 4th gear and pulling back (donít forget to unplug it). The shift boot has four clips that hold it in place, by pinching a corner of the boot and lifting up you can unsnap it form the console. The foam is just pulled out while compressing it:



The rubber boot can be carefully removed as well:



After exhaust system removal (see guide HERE), the heat shield will need to be removed to access the lower part of the shifter:



The shifter is held to the shift rod with a C-Clip, it can be removed with the help of a screwdriver:



The shifter is also held to the carrier with a plastic collar, it needs to be rotated clockwise to release from the carrier slots it locks into. This plastic collar can be turned by inserting needle nose pliers or a small standard screwdriver into the slots located around the perimeter of the collar (arrows show three of many) and rotating clockwise ~90 degrees to release. I was able to get the collar turned easily with two small flathead screwdrivers on opposing sides. I have some more pics of this method in my 335 write-up HERE:




The carrier does NOT need to be removed but I removed mine to take some pics- it only took me about five minutes to release the clips on both sides with a screwdriver, push the mount up and forward to release the rear pin, and carefully maneuver the carrier out around the driveshaft and transmission (I didnít have to drop the transmission to do this):




Next the white ring bushing is placed in the carrier with the lip and cup towards the top, pics with the carrier removed shown for clarity:




The pivot height adapter is installed next, it should sit flush with the plastic bushing installed prior and the screw holes should line up with the slots in the carrier. The supplied LocTite should be used in the screw holes before inserting into the carrier. Screws are installed loosely and then tightened alternating sides. Pics shown with carrier removed for clarity. (HINT: I found the screw holes a pain to access with the carrier installed in the car and the transmission would most likely require some drop for the assembly to be done with the carrier removed and then reinstalled. My solution was to remove the carrier front clips so that it could be tilted to the side of the transmission allowing one side to be easily accessed from the bottom and the other side to be easily accessed from the top).

Alternatively, the hex wrench can be cut down to avoid carrier pin removal as detailed in my 335 write-up HERE:





Supplied grease is then applied to shift ball, second pic shows order of components for installation into carrier:



To install shifter in carrier, snap ring pliers are used to insert snap ring into adapter after shifter is placed in carrier:

Shifter is then connected to shift rod by placing bearing liners into bearing on either side, sliding rod pin through bearing, installing yellow plastic washer, and finally installing the C-Clip:

Heat shield and exhaust components are reinstalled and shifter rubber boot, foam, shifter leather boot, and knob are reinstalled. When reinstalling the rubber boot, the lower seal for the smaller ring on the carrier around the shifter can be done by feel through the rubber boot after the larger lip has been press fit into the console body hole. The arrow on the rubber boot should also point towards the front of the car. I have some more pics of these pieces being reinstalled in my 335 write-up HERE.